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Gas Chromatography / Analytic devices manufacturer

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Gas Chromatography / Analytic devices manufacturer


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Design & Manufacturing of Gas Chromatography and Other Analytical Devices for Science and Industry.


GC Instruments Ltd overall brand promise is reliability or being trustworthy. In fact, it is our single most important commitment to our customers. The company´s mission is to support customers by providing reliable solutions for their analytical needs. GC Instruments Ltd achieves this by offering an attractive product assortment, value-added services and superior logistics solutions.


We use the most powerful tool available in the market: the people. When companies take the time to understand and reflect on their customers and employees’ experiences, surprising things come to light. When designing our devices, we draw on the experience of our clients, analysts and our own to produce the product of highest worth.

Certified Solutions

In the company, we focus on proven solutions refined by our designers to meet the requirements and needs of a modern recipient.

Holistic Approach

A single joint image of all the elements of our company, which is related to our strategies, activities, information, resources and organization cultures, staff qualification, as well as our interrelationships among the above-mentioned items.


Getting customers is the first step in running a successful business. Keeping happy customers by effective communication from customer service is one of our priorities.


We create of long-term value for our company from customers, markets, and relationships.


We are an independent manufacturer of analytical equipment of our own design.


GC Instruments Ltd. runs courses for the scientific and business community in the field of gas and liquid chromatography at a basic and advanced level.

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